We Deliver Solutions & Satisfaction


Technology and investment has made Blisset a leader in our field, concentrating our energies not only on superb cost effective service, but in developing a complete IT solution to complement our clients’ day to day activities. 

From the Blisset Dispatch Management System (DMS) to the high-end servers and Virtual Networks, Blisset’s IT is designed with our customers’ best interests in mind. The DMS if fully customizable to suit each client’s individual needs from pricing to reporting and from invoicing to integration. Order-taking can be carried out via simple phone calls, through the internet with a user-friendly, clean interface, as well as direct integration with client systems to cut costs and save time. 

Blisset specializes in building trusting and honest relationships with our clients. Our IT solutions and the options of in-house staff to solve even the most complex problems of shipping departments. This helps to remove wasted time and adjust staffing levels. Our reporting is second to none. We can provide your company with customized reports that can be beneficial to all departments within the organization. 

The entire operation works in real time with data on the internet and in the DMS working hand-in-hand to provide its clients with up-to-the-minute status of work-in-hand, as well as detailed reporting of historical work carried out. The DMS has a fully functional inventory management system that runs the warehouse and fulfillment side of Blisset, providing customized pricing, labeling, and BOL’s that will suit even the most discerning and demanding clients. We also provide instant email messaging of your Proof of Delivery. Blisset‘s DMS is totally failsafe to ensure you have 24/7, 365 days access to your shipment and inventory data. 

Advanced communications with drivers and vehicles on the road keep the tracking and Proof-of-Deliveries current and imaging of BOL’s and delivery notes provide a total solution to the clients concerns. 

Blisset is fully committed to investment in technology which will continue to assist us in maintaining the premier position we hold in the industry.